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Your YOUnique Application

About this training content

The Internet and the COVID-19 pandemic have gained significant influence on the digital recruitment of new employees. Digital application has even become the preferred recruitment method for companies. Our learning content on the topic of "Your YOUnique application" is aimed at all learners who want to improve their skills with regard to online application and in particular demonstrate their individual soft skills and professional skills with the help of digital applications and platforms. You will learn more about how to approach companies online and apply for an internship, an apprenticeship or a job regionally - or even worldwide thanks to the Internet.

This training content can be used modularly, very flexibly and individually for self-directed learning, which is why you will find all exercises easily explained. 
However, all modules can also be used very well as part of a face-to-face training. 

As a guide to action for use in the context of a teaching concept, you will find
our training curriculum on the subject of "Your YOUnique application" here for free  download.





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