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"Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else."

Find out how to map and present your individual set of Soft Skills!

Nature lover

The sound of the wind in the trees is the favourite sound of Niels, 17 years old from Sweden. Moreover he plays the guitar on the bonfire for friends and family. As a boy scout he spends a lot of time in the nature and fights for a greener and better world.


Almeira is 19 years old, very athletic and burns for all kind of sport. Her passion is surfing the waves of sunny Porto. Two times a week she trains small football stars. They are ready to upgrade into the regional championship.


Nora, 19 years old, likes to be creative in her freetime. She designs her own clothes and slips into different fashion styles. Recently Nora launched a fashion and lifestyle blog. In the near future she dreams about running her own dressmaker business.


Antonio, 17 years old from Italy, takes an interest into design linked to technical development. As a product designer he applies these two skills together and wants to improve existing products. To express his ideas he works with 3D-material, computer software and drawing. Antonio also creates traditional Italian pasta recipes.




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