YOUnique4Europe - Mapping and presenting your unique personal and social competences for better employability in a digital world
ERASMUS+ : 2019-1-DE02-KA202-006119

Output No.1: YOUnique mapping 

will be a tool kit for VET learners facing the application process for a job. By using the given tools learners shall be enabled to identify a strategy on how to meet the companies' needs and expectations, be aware of what soft skills to present and how to communicate those convincingly as part of their entire set of talents.

Skills for the future: meta-skills

To ensure we thrive as individuals, businesses and on an economic and a societal level, we all need to develop new skills. These skills are not just to help us cope in this environment of ongoing change. They are skills to excel; to collaborate and empathise with others and to create our own futures.
We have termed these skills for the future ‘meta-skills’, and define them as timeless, higher order skills that create adaptive learners and promote success in whatever context the future brings. These are the skills that enable individuals to perform highly today; in a changed world of work they will be required by all of us.

These skills and capabilities themselves are not new. In fact, they are ancient human capabilities that have enabled people to succeed throughout history. They have been called many things and classified in a range of different ways across the globe. The difference now is the imperative for us to increase the value that society places on these skills, so that they are held by more people and in greater depth. Defining them more clearly supports this by increasing our awareness of how these skills are demonstrated, by helping us appreciate that they can be learned and by pointing to how we can go about doing this.

The skills have been classified under three headings:

  • Self management: Manage the now
  • Social intelligence: Connect with the world
  • Innovation: Create our own change

There are many interrelationships and dependencies between these skills as they each support the development of a range of other skills across the model. Concepts such as emotional intelligence, entrepreneurialism and confidence are made up of components that are represented across the model. (source: © Skills Development Scotland, February 2018)