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Worksheet to map my soft skills

With this worksheet I will get to know myself better. I will detect situations in life in which my personal set of soft skills showed up before. This allows me to better present myself later when applying for a job, internship placement or other training programme.

Introduction: I have skills and strengths!

Questions to get to know myself better in general.

Getting closer: Important areas in my life!

These are the top 10 soft skills I think I possess:

Almost there: This is how soft skills showed up in my life areas!

Have a closer look at your individual areas of life and describe examples of your soft skills your specific areas.

Finally: My personal goals

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey) – thinking about my goals will motivate me and help me to find the right way to better present myself:

Are you the offline type?
Here you will find the Worksheet to map your soft skills as download.

Want to get feedback from others?
Provide this Feedback worksheet to your teacher, colleague etc.! Afterwards you can compare their statements with yours and get to know yourself even better.



Filling out instructions:



!! Here you do some kind of brainstorming. Nobody will read it later, except you, so feel free to note whatever comes into your mind. The more detailed the better.














!! Select the areas that are or were important in your life and, if necessary, add more that are not listed here.

♣ Example: If you help out in your families' shop every Wednesday and Friday and meet friends the other days, you would probably tick "friends" and "job/training". 




!! Please tick your personal top 10.








!! Go through each life area you chose earlier, deselect one (or more) of the 9 soft skills and explain how they became visible in a certain situation or activity in this area.

♣ Example: Helping out in your families' shop means you might have trained your soft skill "self-awareness". You remember one situation with a rude customer. Although you felt angry and wanted him to leave the shop immediately, you had to control yourself to face him in a friendly but firm manner.  















!! Please describe shortly your goals for your professional life. Your short-term goals for the next 1 or 2 years. Your long term goals in 5 years time.

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