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This soft skill describes your motivation to consciously expose yourself to new and unfamiliar situations and ways of thinking . It supports you to understand, break down and find the root cause of a problem or opportunity in order to identify alternative solutions. Curiosity is said to be a desire we are all born with.

Synonyms:     Concern, interest, nosiness

Sub-Skills:      Observation, questioning, information sourcing, problem recognition

To demonstrate curiosity,
Cindy suggests you:

  1. Ask (critical, constructive) questions
  2. See things from unconventional perspectives
  3. Inspire yourself and others with fresh ideas and thoughts
  4. Find shortcuts and discover new territory
  5. Look for new worlds and possibilities which are normally not visible

Examples - Curiosity

Gina went to the Ancient Egyptian Museum with her class last Friday. To learn more about Egyptian beliefs, Gina and her classmates were asked to help decipher hieroglyphs in a replicated tomb.
Eager to know more, they further "travelled" through the ancient tomb to look for more clues about the life of a mummified man. At the end they were asked to test their new skills by cracking messages in modern-day pictographs.

Jack knew Jill as the woman at work who handles payroll and always smiles when she sees him in the hallway. At the last company Christmas party they came to talk.They ended up in a discussion about the best motorbike on the market.
It turned out that Jill used to ride a motorcycle. Jack never expected that and he decided to get to know Jill better, next time he would see her in the hallway.

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