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Exercise 3.4 - Your professional ePortfolio with Mahara

Mahara is another digital platform you can create your ePortfolio with. It combines two features: an ePortfolio to document your evidences of learning and a social networking system. Apart from that Mahara also allows blogging and building your CV. In Te Reo Māori, 'mahara' means 'to think, thinking, thought' which - according to the creators - signifies the concept of an ePortfolio system. Mahara is great to demonstrate your skills, such as digital skills and creativity. Let's go!

Before you start this exercise

  • Read more about, how the Mahara creators understand ePortfolios.
  • Connect to the Mahara Demo site and use the student account for your test login:

    Username: student
    Password: MaharaDemo
  • Have some content prepared that you can upload for demo purposes, such as two pictures (not your personal ones), a little text and one or two fictional documents as PDFs.
  • You might want to study the Mahara manual. Despite from English parts of it are also available in German, French and Dutch.

How to complete this exercise

For this exercise we will not download Mahara which would be required to use it fully (download is free as Mahara is an open source project). We will work with the Demo account to play around and try out some features.

Step 1 

View some examples of Mahara portfolios.

Step 2

Access Mahara via the Mahara Demo site Mahara Demo site, using the student demo account login details. 

Step 3

Play around and try to create a Mahara page by including the demo content you have prepared earlier. If you got stuck at any point, refer to the Mahara manual or check one of the videos provided.

Congratulations - You made it!

Now you can share your page with a secret URL with one of your friends or your parents.

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