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Exercise 4.1 - Your Online Influence Booster

There are several social media channels that people can use to present themselves to others. But is important to use social media platforms properly and in the best way to expand your online influence. This exercise will increase your awareness and knowledge on how to present yourself in different social media accounts having in mind tips to improve your profile according to the goal you are looking for.


Before you start this exercise

How to complete this exercise

Step 1- Create a social media account

 (If you already have a profile skip down to step 2.)

The most common social media platforms to present yourself nowadays are: LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

How to do it? Open the websites of one the social media platforms.

Sign up (create an account) on the platform and confirm it on the verification email sent to your inbox.
After logging in with your new account, verify all the privacy settings and the other settings available on each platform. Modify them if you are not comfortable with the standard options set by default.

Step 2 - Improve your social media profile

Add information and photos to your profile, depending on the platform. To do so these tips will be helpful to set up a professional profile: LinkedIn Tips, Twitter Tips, Instagram Tips.

Congratulations - You made it!

Now it is the time to show your profile to your classmates or friends and present yourself. See if the feedback from them is clear regarding the aim of the profile, what you are looking for specifically.

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