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Exercise 2.6 - Create your Video - CV

A video CV (or video resume / video job application) is a short video you make to introduce yourself to the hiring manager or recruiter. Applicant videos are rising in popularity as they allow to get a more dynamic sense of your personality than the written word consents. In fact, a video resume allows you to speak directly to your potential employer about what makes you uniquely qualified for the role. Usually companies do not look for the most well-written monologue or the highest production quality in applicants' videos. They look for personality, self-awareness, creativity, initiative, communication skills, and effort. Immerse yourself into the materials hereby presented and follow the instructions. Transforming your ideas into your first video CV will feel great!


Before you start this exercise

For best results first get ready by doing the following exercises, if not done yet:

How to complete this exercise

Consult Annex 2.3.4 ‘The 7 steps to make a video CV’ and then take some time to visualize, plan and make your Video - CV!

Step 1

Plan before you film and decide the format.

Step 2

Write your script.

Step 3

Rehearse and avoid reading directly from the script.

Step 4

Shoot your video.

Step 5

Edit your video.

Step 6

Watch your own video.


Congratulations - You made it!

Now you can submit your video application.

Educators' area

Background information and teaching material for guiding your students through the exercise or offering it in your classroom

Apply or take inspiration from the ‘Outline of a workshop on Video CV making’ to run a dedicated workshop (Annex 2.3.3).

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