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Worksheet to map my soft skills

With this worksheet I will get to know myself better. I will detect situations in life in which my personal set of soft skills showed up before. This allows me to better present myself later when applying for a job, internship placement or other training programme.

Introduction: I have skills and strengths!

Questions to get to know myself better in general (please fill in the blank boxes).

Getting closer: Important areas in my life!

These are the top 10 soft skills I think I possess (please tick your personal top 10):

Almost there: This is how soft skills showed up in my life areas!

Have a closer look at your individual areas of life. Describe examples of your soft skills in this specific area, e.g. deselect out of the 9 soft skills per life area and explain how your soft skills became visible in a certain situation or activity. (Self-awareness, Adaptability, Initiative, Curiosity, Creativity, Sense making, Holistic thinking, Communication, Collaboration)

Finally: My personal goals

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey) – thinking about my goals will motivate me and help me to find the right way to better present myself: (please describe shortly your goals for your professional life):


Go trough this worksheet
to prepare your Soft Skills


When you finish the worksheet
you can send it to your eMail




 I work extra hard in our Youth fire brigade...
to become a captain.




I find particularly great about a certain job: help people, save lives, to work outside a office, work in a good team, good money, making career




I forget the time
when I play strategy games on PC
like Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones




Qualities were easily observed by my friends, schoolmates or colleagues...

Creativity, Teamwork, Flexibility, Problem solving,...