YOUnique4Europe - Mapping and presenting your unique personal and social competences for better employability in a digital world
ERASMUS+ : 2019-1-DE02-KA202-006119

Output No.3 :
"YOUnique talent management 4.0" handbook for VET staff.

The YOUnique talent management handbook 4.0 addresses VET trainers in companies as well as VET staff at school. Basically it provides information and guidance to VET staff with the aim to

  • strengthen mentors in their role as guide of VET students in their application process and enable them to better understand the needs of “generation Z”, promote the students' soft skills development and support them in the application phase;
  • equip VET staff, especially in SMEs, with the necessary know-how on modern recruitment strategies, for example by using modern media in the acquisition process.

The handbook will consist of two parts:

Part 1 - Endow VET trainers and teachers of knowledge and materials to successfully guide and support students in their unique application process, thus supporting the activities of VET learners as described in IO2. The consortium assumes that students have a critical role in the assessment and development of their own soft skills and profile in general. Hence they can use and implement the tools of IO1 and IO2 autonomously and, whenever needed, request support and guidance from their VET teachers and trainers.

Part 2 - SMEs on their way to modern (e-)recruitment The idea here is that SMEs can profit from applying modern recruitment methods in terms of attracting digital savvy VET graduates (assumingly digital natives) and running a more effective recruitment process. With part 2 of this handbook the consortium aims to introduce advanced but at the same time easy to use recruitment methods away from paper-based approaches and towards electronic-based recruiting features. Given the timeframe and resources of the project as well as those of SMEs we do not expect to provide a complete insight into the topic of modern (e)recruitment. However the consortium intents to raise the awarenes for the benefits of and provide an overview on recruitment topics for SMEs.