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This soft skill describes your ability to use imagination or original ideas to address problems, answer questions or express meaning. Additionally, creativity points out your ability to visualize alternative solutions or states of being. It points out the expressive character of new ideas compared to seeking new thoughts (as with curiosity). 

Synonyms: Imagination

Sub-Skills: Idea generation, visualizing, originality, innovative capability

To demonstrate creativity,
Almeira suggests you:

  1. Encourage others to look for innovative solutions
  2. Try to relate things that at first glance do not fit together
  3. Think and create something imaginative
  4. Think outside the box and leave familiar terrain
  5. Come up with new procedures and ideas
  6. Break out of the prison of old ideas and develop new ones

Examples - Creativity

Between the pressure of keeping up with the school curriculum, meeting with parents and running daily classes, Professor Johnson has little time for innovative ideas for students that promote their skills in the classroom. Last week, he created a plan with his students and every day, at the end of the day, the last hour is for them to work in their personal and unique project, expressing their ideas, thinking outside the box, challenge problems with innovative ideas and solutions. This allowed to add more passion to his classroom and students learn faster and more effectively.

Sarah works in a marketing company and belongs to a team with people who are not like her, with different perspectives. However, she loves it, because she can expand her point of view and be inspired by new ways to do her work.